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At Stone and Tile PROS, we place a tremendous premium on quality standards of professionalism. Each of our Partners signs a Commitment to Professional Standards and must demonstrate through verifications, references and ongoing customer satisfaction that they are in fact abiding by their commitment.

We frequently hear from our PRO Partners that rather than feel burdened by this standard, they value it, appreciating that they are in fact one of an elite group of people in the stone and tile field that strives to maintain a much higher than standard level of professionalism than what is commonly accepted in the field today.

Even though we provide an avenue for customers of our PRO Partners to submit complaints, this so rarely happens, it is virtually non-existent. Even so, our Standards Committee comprised of our principles and volunteers from our group of PRO Partners is standing by prepared to evaluate any and all complaints and take appropriate action.


Debbie Shaw - Director, StonePro Solutions, LLC

Fred Hueston - Chief Technical Director for

John Freitag - The Stone and Tile School

Bill Thornton - Colonial Floor and Stone Care, Ft. Lauderdale FL

Darek Nicinski - Rockland Stone Restoration, NY

Stu Rosen - Stone Shine, New Jersey

Alex Rivera - Stone Buff, Raleigh NC