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Our Mission is to support and to connect consumers with our Certified Stone & Tile PRO Partners.

For consumers...

Consumers can count on the fact that every single one of our Certified Stone & Tile PRO Partners is uniquely qualified in his or her specialty service and passionate about what they do. They have each signed a commitment to professionalism, and are properly licensed and insured. Each is committed to their own ongoing training as well as to educating their customers in proper care and maintenance.

For our Partners...

How we can deliver so much for so little?

The principle is simple. If we were to develop and provide our service exclusively for one company, the cost would be prohibitive for all but a very few. However, strategic planning and advancing technologies have enabled us to provide a generous spectrum of benefits and resources at a small fraction of what it would cost otherwise because the cost of this shared pool is essentially divided among the many. But even though the resources are shared, each Partner benefits no less than if all the services were being provided exclusively for them.

Few small to mid-sized companies have the budget or the staff to adequately identify and develop the myriad business development elements that can really help them to maximize their success potential. The mission of this program is to provide a thoroughly and strategically planned internet based solution that delivers to our Partners the tools and resources to do what they can do themselves (while being available to hold their hand as needed) and to assume the management for those aspects that should be left to internet and marketing professionals.

And finally, our intent is to never become static or rest on our laurels. We will continually strive to find ways to harness the power emerging technologies and to perpetually seek out new ways—better ways—of doing things. (Our existing Certified Stone and Tile PRO Partners are one of our best sources of new ideas.) Added features, functionality, usability, ways to bring cost savings, will be continually developed and incorporated into the services we offer.