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Our web solutions are a hit in the stone and tile industry. Here are just some of the websites we have created for our Partners (with a few thrown in for friends of our Partners).

Classic Mar

Classic Marble Restoration

We did a complete redesign for this marble restoration company in Minneapolis / St. Paul area.

Excel Stone and Tile Care

Excel Stone and Tile Care

Excel Stone and Tile Care is one of our newest partners using our latest website content management platform.

Washington Marble and Granite - Washington DC - Baltimore MD

Washington Marble & Granite Co.

Washington Marble & Granite Company's unique logo color was the basis for the color scheme we chose for their design.

Washington Custom Kitchens - Washington DC - Baltimore MD

Washington Custom Kitchens

Washington Marble & Granite Co. has two divisions -- one for natural stone and the other for cabinetry. Each division has its own website. We did this portal site to point to the respective sites for each division.

Buds Hardwood Floors - Chicago

Bud's Hardwood Floors - Chicago

On occasion, we'll do a website for one of our Partners that has another business not in the stone and tile industry.

Superior Stone Restoration - San Diego CA

Superior Stone Restoration

We did a complete overhaul of this company's original website. They are regarded for quality work, now their website reflects it.

Prestige Granite and Marble - Orlando FL

Prestige Granite and Marble

Prestige services the Orlando FL metro area specializing in high end installations.

They had a specific concept in mind which we were able to deliver. Additionally, we added some nice interactive touches to make it a rich user experience.

KD Countertops - Windham ME

KD Countertops

KD Countertops in Windham ME focuses exclusively on countertop fabrication --offering many surface options - Natural Stone, engineered stone, solid surface. We designed their site accordingly.

Stone Forensics - Fred Hueston & Associates, LLC

Stone Forensics - Fred Hueston & Associates, LLC

Fred is our Chief Technical Director, but he also runs his own firm where he provides consulting services to architects, attorneys, engineers, etc. We developed this site for him to showcase his services.

Elite Stone and Tile Care Central Florida

Elite Stone & Tile Care

Elite Stone and Tile Care in Central Florida.

Nulife Stone Care

The service website of Mike Marsoun, highly regarded seasoned pro and author of "Stone Restoration Secrets."

Chisel Marble and Granite

Chisel Marble and Granite

Notice the way the scripted text "chisel" writes itself out when the home page loads. This is just one of the ways we add special touches.

Cleaning Edge

Cleaning Edge

This design presents a clean, crisp look that also puts out all the essential info right on the home page...

Cleaning Edge offers more services than just stone, so we designed the site to facilitate all of their services.

Marble Floor Services of Ireland

Marble Floor Services of Ireland

We designed the logo and color scheme to achieve an elegant and somewhat 'different' look for Marble Floor Services of Ireland. One of their specialties is marble stairs -- installing and restoring -- so we wanted marble stairs to be prominant on their home page.

Capital Stone

Capital Stone

This is the one that launched it all.
Many people have contacted us to say, "We want a website EXACTLY like Capital Stone."

Although every website we do is unique, we can adapt design features into your own site.

Marblelife -  Marble Polishing Detroit


We designed and developed the web sites for the franchisees to work in tandem with their corporate site. We factored in the original colors and look and feel of the corporate site but gave it a completely new look. Each franchise can customize certain aspects while maintaining a consistent corporate look.



Check out the gallery on Tileworks' website. They wanted something a little bit unique, so we gave it to them.

Stone Restoration Services Corporate Site

Stone Restoration Services Worldwide

We were selected by Stone Restoration Services to design their website as well as all of their franchisee's websites. This is the corporate site.

Stone Restoration Services - Detroit

SRS - Detroit

This is the first of the franchisee websites for SRS. The design specifications included incorporating the signature silver grey and red.

If you look on their about page, you'll see an example of vehicle wrap design we designed.

Facility Specialists

Facility Specialists does stone restoration plus a whole lot more. We designed a site to accomodate all of their service offerings.

So, technically speaking, concrete polishing doesn't pertain to stone and tile, but so many of our Partners also get into concrete polishing...

We've also done the website for


ACJ Stone

ACJ Stone

ACJ Stone provides natural stone restoration services. We designed their site to reflect their corporate identity.

American Stone Care

American Stone Care

Logo and website. In addition to their web design, we also created the logo for American Stone Care. Once we had a logo and corporate colors, we designed the website to fit the color scheme.

Artistic Stone Richmond

Artistic Stone Richmond

Artistic Stone Richmond is still under construction, so you may want to check back soon. However, note the stone texture and rich gradients that give it a luxurious look and feel.

Elite Marble Care

Elite Marble Care

We designed the logo for Elite Marble Care as well as the website.

Note how the images represent all of the services offered by Elite.

Mastercare Stone Restoration in Orange County CA

Mastercare Stone Restoration

Mastercare Protection and Cleaning in Orange County CA had a long established corporate identity which included a color scheme of a blue-green and peach. Its new division devoted to natural stone and tile & grout needed a distinctive look that was unique but tied into its established corporate look and feel.

Mastercare Protection and Cleaning

Mastercare Stone Restoration in Orange County CA also has a fire, water damage, emergency restoration division.

Mississippi Granite Guys

MS Granite Guys

MS Granite Guys' logo and colors, which included the stripes and the green marble presented some design challenges for us.
Our objective was to integrate that logo into a sophisticated look and feel for their site.

Holbrook Granite

Holbrook Granite

Holbrook wanted a banner that generated had a celebratory feel to it.

We can custom create or pull from our library of resources a host of very cool Flash and other 'bells and whistles.'

Palladinos Cleaning Service - Phoenix

Palladino's Cleaning Service - Phoenix

Palladino's wanted something clean and simple to quickly convey who they are and what they do. We create a somewhat fun but professional site that was consistent with their identity.

Cleaning Superhero

Cleaning Superhero

We created a whole look and feel for this company based on the Super Hero - Cleaning Super Hero

Throughout the site, you'll see touches of this. (Look closely at the superhero and you'll see the owner!)