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Our goal for our service is indeed continual improvement.

Our aim as an organization is to become more and more valuable to our family of Partners and to play a vital role in helping each to fully maximize their success potential. Each of the members on this advisory board has expressed an enthustiastic committment to play an active role in making that happen. Each of the members is a respected professional in their own right and brings to the table his or her own area of expertise and perspective to continually improve the value of Stone and Tile PROS.


Fred HuestonFred Hueston, Consultant

Fred serves not only on our Board of Advisors, he is our Chief Technical Director. Fred is perhaps one of the most accomplished and recognized names when it comes to natural stone installations and maintenance knowledge. His accomplishments are far too many to list here. [Click here to learn more about Fred Hueston.]


Bill Thornton
Colonial Floor & Stone Care

Terrazzo, Terrazzo, Terrazzo. To say that Bill has become recognized as a leading authority in terrazzo restoration would be an understatement. Bill first entered into the floor care business 1997 after getting his initial training from Maurizio Bertolio. His techniques on doing flawless repairs kept him so busy that it didn't take long to earn a reputation as the king of terrazzo throughout all of Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami/Dade Counties. He does do Marble care, but terrazzo seems to be the lions share of his work. Bill is a graduate of Ferris State University, Big Rapids Michigan where he got his Bachelors in Finance. He used his degree after college to become a ski bum in Aspen for the next four years before settling in Fort Lauderdale. As with so many of our team, Bill is generous with sharing his knowledge.

Patrick Malone, Communications and PR

Pat was born for communications and PR. He has an uncanny ability, once he gets an idea in his head, to do whatever it takes to carry it out. You may have seen him in one of many interviews recently —ESPN, Washington Post, Washington Times, USA Today and SportsFan Magazine. Determined to get major league baseball back to Washington, DC, in 1975 he began working behind the scenes to support the local effort. He formed the Washington Senators Fan Club in 1984 and became an advisor on the DC Baseball Commission in 1985. In 2005, baseball officially came back to Washington, DC.

Deborah Shaw, Director of Stone and Tile PROS, Business Development, Web and E-commerce Specialist

Deborah is a visionary, but her feet are planted firmly on the ground. She brings years of business development, visual communications, web design and e-commerce expertise, mixed with a healthy dose of passionate enthusiasm to the mix. It was Deborah who recognized a very unmet need and set out to create what is now Stone and Tile PROS.